Hello world!

So I have finally jumped into the world of blogging on my own site.  While working in CSS @ Microsoft, I published several articles on our AlwaysOn Professional site – which I really enjoyed doing and I guess that gave me enough courage to “do it for real” 😉

Regarding my site name and tag line, I wanted to take a few bits and pieces that have been important to me and mesh them together – science, Star Trek and Star Wars – with a little (really little) dry humor.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received in SQL performance troubleshooting was from my mentor, Greg Moss — “follow the reads” — which ultimately translates into “seeks are better than scans”  🙂   Combining that with a twist on the pronunciation of “SQL”  (at least by the folks who do not say “es q el”),  I arrived at “seek well”.

Of course the “and prosper” comes from Spock’s parting words “live long and prosper” so in my weird twisted mind “seek well and prosper” just seemed so natural — advice, tribute and pun altogether.   I loved it.

That’s the “logical” half-Vulcan part of me.   Of course one of the other “series” that has always impacted the “romantic action” side of me has been Star Wars.   So I felt obligated to find some way to pay tribute there as well.   I was at dinner after our local PASS chapter meeting (NTSSUG) with one of my colleagues, Ryan Adams and we were talking about me starting up my blog.  The phrase – “may the force plan be with you” just rolled off my lips and immediately resonated with me.

The only thing left was for me to have a logo – which finally came to me one morning looking at some query plans.   I event went so far as to sign up for Twitter, so follow me there  @SeekWellDBA.

So welcome to my blog.

Seek well and prosper … and may the force plan be with you!



    • seekwelldba

      Thanx, John. I’ll start next week. Taking my daughter off to college this weekend. Long drives ahead.


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